High Groth Potential :

Capital and time are equally precious. We focus on initiatives that can quickly dominate emerging, high-growth markets, and show a strong potential for delivering a ten to twenty times return on the investment within five to eight years via an IPO or merger.

Early Stage Investment :

To deliver the highest degree of guidance and expertise, SilkRout predominantly invests in early-stage private companies at the first- or second- round of venture capital financing. We often act as lead investor in the initial venture round, and continue to support our portfolio companies with follow-on funding over 2-3 rounds.

Intellectual property :

SilkRout extensive experience in the high-tech industries enables us to recognize and leverage the potential value of intellectual property, including patentable technologies or software code, proprietary processes and other strategic core competencies. We actively seek ventures that possess significant intellectual property and a barrier of entry.

Strategic Relationships :

We value the enduring, working relationships we've developed with entrepreneurs, industry experts and fellow venture capital investors alike. To maximize our portfolio companies' potential, we constantly collaborate with this powerful network to share information, insight and investment opportunities.


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